Contact Information

Town of South Hill
211 S. Mecklenburg Avenue
South Hill, VA  23970-2619
Ph:    (434) 447-3191
Fax:  (434) 447-5064

Regular business hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

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Department Description Name
  General Information General Information
Elected Mayor Dean Marion
Administration Town Manager Kim Callis
  Town Clerk/Technology Administrator Anna Cratch
Police Chief Stuart Bowen
  Records Administrator Donna Burch
Fire Administrator Michael Vaughan
Business Development Manager Brentley Morris
Public Works Director Bill Wilson
  Superintendent - Infrastructure Allen Elliott
  Superintendent - Fleet and Facilities Mark Novsak
  Superintendent - Waste Water Treatment Plant Wayne Hudson
  Superintendent - Parks and Grounds Jason Houchins
  Crew Supervisor - Streets Daniel Gwaltney
  Crew Supervisor - Facilities Maintenance Mark Perkinson
  Crew Supervisor - Utilities Nelson Ratcliffe
  Lab Manager - Wastewater Treatment Plant Daniel Martin
Finance Director Katherine Bigelow
  Utility Billing and General Information Linda Crowe
  Accounts Payable and General Information Brittany Davis
  Payroll and General Information Leslie Kubasek
Code Compliance Official David Hash
  Technician Stacy Archer
Human Resources Manager Karen Lambert


Committee Leaders

Office Official Ph. # (434)
Board of Building Code Appeals Herbert L. Farrar 447-8774
Board of Zoning Appeals Tommy Zincone 447-8501
Chamber of Commerce Frank Malone 447-4547
Industrial Development Authority Stephen E. Watkins, Jr. 447-3544
Market Square Com. Kim Callis 447-3191
Planning Commission Stuart Taylor 447-3774
Revitalization Com. Lisa Clary 447-9458

Mayor Dean MarionMayor Dean Marion

Kim Callis, Town ManagerKim Callis, Town Manager