Locate Your Business in South Hill

Great highway access combined with fiber broadband, low taxes, and a skilled workforce make South Hill the perfect location for your business.

Access Mecklenburg County Virginia:

  • Superior Market Accessibility
  • Ample Labor Supply
  • Excellent Training Opportunities
  • Pro-Business Climate
  • Low Taxes
  • Enterprise Zones
  • A Nice Place to Live, Work & Play

South Hill has developed four industrial parks and other business-friendly locations with solid infrastructure. We have a helipad in Town and regional airport on the outskirts of Town. The incentives to bring your business to our area go even beyond its location, workforce, quality of life and infrastructure. Reasonable tax rates add to the bottom line, as do the tax incentives and job grants in our numerous enterprise zones.

South Hill, VA Historic Structure Incentives

South Hill, VA Industrial Incentives

South Hill, VA Large Structure Rehabilitation Incentives

South Hill, VA Retail Incentives

South Hill, VA Technology Zone Incentives

Enterprise Zone Incentives

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The following six banks are located in South Hill: BB&T, Benchmark Community Bank, Carter Bank & Trust, Citizens Bank & Trust, Citizens Community Bank and First Citizens Bank.

Financing is available through Colonial Farm Credit A.C.A., Lake Country Development Corporation, and through low-interest, tax-exempt industrial revenue bonds through the I.D.A.

For more information on relocation or starting a business in the South Hill area, please contact:

South Hill, VA Retail Incentives