Highway Routes

regional airportThe Town of South Hill is served by an excellent highway network consisting of Interstate 85, U.S. Highway 1, U.S. Highway 58 and Virginia Route 47. 

Air Service

International airports in Richmond and Raleigh-Durham (80 miles each) offer numerous air services. 

The Mecklenburg-Brunswick Regional Airport, (434) 729-2591, is strategically situated for personal and business travel (about 7 miles just outside South Hill).  The runway is 5,000' by 75' of asphalt and has lights, IFR approachers and a rotating beacon.  The terminal building features a crew lounge, rest area, and weather/flight planning room.  There are no landing fees.  Hangers are available upon request.

Bus Service

Greyhound Bus Lines (434) 447-4000

Public Transportation

In addition to local cab service, Lake Area Bus (LAB) is available on demand for local transportation (434) 955-RIDE (Handicap Accessible).


The international Port of Hampton Roads, the largest natural deepwater harbor in the world, is within a two-hour drive.  Additional shipping options are provided by the Port of Richmond (75 miles).

Motor Freight Carriers

18 trucking firms